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Friday Night Funkin’ VS Soft Mod (FULL WEEK) is out! It’s one of the most expected mod that was featured in F3 event just recently. In this mod, we will be playing as Soft who want to be a painter with his love Pico. Inspite his “fater” Father Fairest and “mother” Mother Mairest’s expectation of his son to be a famous rapper and marry Girlfriend, Soft just want to follow his dream. While playing this mod, we will be discovering many unease, disturbing even facts and characters relating to their relationships. Will Soft ever get to follow his dream? Will he overcome everything standing in his way? Let’s find out!

This mod also has 12 new songs and remixes of some original songs from FNF game. The timestamp of this mod is the longest I’ve ever made so check it out if you wanna skip some dialogues. And we will play in Hard mode as well. Enjoy!

Creator’s Note: Friday Night Funkin’ Soft does not stay within canon by any means. It’s a remix of the base story and even though the characters are counterparts/based off of the ones you are familiar with, should not be expected to stick with said canon. Friday Night Funkin’ Soft takes the basic reskin formula and turns it on it’s head. Its a new way to enjoy a beloved rhythm game with a focus on story telling, character design, and creativity. Prepare to fall back in love with the original crew and meet new faces in a world where everything looks so innocent or… at least that’s what it would seem. Follow Soft BF as he attempts to follow his dreams of becoming a painter with his lover Soft Pico by his side. So cute and gentle. It all seems too good to be true…

– 6 Chapters.

– Completely original story unlike any mod has ever done.

– 16 Song OST (12 playable songs and 4 menu songs)

– All characters reimagined.

– All backgrounds redone.

– Expressive dialogue portraits (130+)


00:00 Soft encounters BF

00:18 Mod Intro

00:50 Preface Week

00:53 Story & Dialogue 1: Introduce Pico and Soft

2:16 Starcrossed Song (Soft vs Pico)

3:42 Story & Dialogue 2: Introduce Father Fairest

4:06 Chapter 1

4:10 Story & Dialogue 3: Father Fairest and Soft

5:05 Fresh Song (Soft vs FF)

6:29 Story & Dialogue 4

7:01 Dad Battle Song (Soft vs FF)

8:33 Story & Dialogue 5

8:58 No-Cigar Song (Soft vs FF)

11:05 Story & Dialogue 6: Pico protects Soft from FF

11:35 Chapter 2

11:42 Story & Dialogue 7: Introduce Skit & Pump

11:32 Spookez Song (Soft vs Skit & Pump)

15:13 Story & Dialogue 8

15:48 South Song (Soft vs Skit & Pump)

17:20 Story & Dialogue 9: Monster appears!

18:14 Repressed Song (Soft vs Monster)

20:49 Story & Dialogue 10: Soft comes back

21:39 Chapter 3

21:44 Story & Dialogue 11: Introduce Girlfriend

22:56 Playdate Song (Soft vs GF)

25:25 Story & Dialogue 12

26:00 Stay Song (Soft vs GF)

28:04 Story & Dialogue 13: GF tries to get Soft back

29:11 It’s Complicated Song (Soft vs GF)

31:52 Story & Dialogue 14

32:44 Chapter 4

32:48 Story & Dialogue 15: Introduce Mother Mairest

33:31 High Song (Soft vs MM)

35:19 Story & Dialogue 16

35:57 Milf Song (Soft vs MM)

38:04 Story & Dialogue 17

38:42 Spotlight Song (Soft vs MM)

40:42 Story & Dialogue 18: Pico and Soft escape from MM

41:18 Chapter 5

41:23 Story & Dialogue 18: Pico and Soft meet FF & MM again

42:39 Eggnog Song (Soft vs FF & MM)

44:15 Story & Dialogue 19: Soft finally stood for himself

45:08 Hope Song (Soft vs FF & MM)

47:15 Story & Dialogue 20: Monster appears again: Soft confronts it!

47:53 Genesis Song (Soft vs Monster)

50:20 Story & Dialogue 21: It’s finally over ?

50:56 ??? Chapter

51:04 Story & Dialogue 22: Soft meets BF

51:47 Diplopia Song (Soft vs BF)

53:43 Story & Dialogue 23

54:05 In Fighting Song (Soft vs BF)

56:09 Story & Dialogue 24

56:43 Envy Song (Soft vs BF)

59:17 Story & Dialogue 25: Soft makes peace with BF & wakes up

1:00:38 GF’s new boyfriend. His name is…

1:00:58 Tama (mod’s director) few words to audience

1:01:52 Credits

1:02:41 Outro

Friday Night Funkin’ Soft:

Creator – Tamacoochi
Artists – Drizz
Hamm slam
Special Thanks
Kartin Crew
Church Soop
My beloved

Friday Night Funkin’ is a musical rhythm game where you compete in freestyle music battles. Press the arrow keys in time with the music to outdo your opponents and enjoy the cool beats!

This version of the game is open-source on Github and available under the Apache 2.0 license. If you want the most recent version of FNF, including Week 7, you can play it on Newgrounds.

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