Warzone Hacker Exposes Himself LIVE After Denying Cheats to JGOD

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A Twitch streamer trying to prove he wasn’t hacking in Warzone wound up accidentally exposing all his cheats live on stream.

Streamer and Warzone player JGOD noticed that another streamer appeared to be hacking live on Twitch, and posted a tweet showing some examples of what he thought was clearly hacking. When the Warzone streamer shown in JGOD’s tweets tried to defend himself on stream, it all fell apart, and he actually exposed himself cheating in 4k in front of everyone.

JGOD had tweeted several videos of the Warzone player appearing to have aimbot and wall hacks on, and as his tweets started getting more and more views, it eventually got back to the hacker himself. The accused hacker just kept on streaming, when his chat started demanding he show his task manager to prove he was innocent, he complied, hitting control, alt, delete…but this accidentally brought his entire cheat menu onto his screen…exposing his hacking to everyone watching.

The Warzone hackers response to exposing himself was pretty epic, with the cheater just saying “Its over…its over…”, and sure enough, just a few minutes later, he was also banned from Warzone live on his Twitch stream too. So while a Warzone anti-cheat may be on the way, clearly it can’t arrive soon enough.

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